Mad for Mod: the 60s are back!

By Monica Jaramillo

The Mod look, inspired by the 60’s, is a huge trend this fall.  It’s all about standing out and popping out in the crowd; perfect for standing out on college campuses or wherever you go! This look is all about geometric shapes and patterns, which stand out against the dull and simple. There are stripes on almost every article of clothing including shirts, dresses, skirts, blazers, sweaters and more.  Besides stripes, the Mod look involves plaids, argyles, checks, and many other patterns.

The Mod look, photo credit: Monica Jaramillo

Just like in the 60’s, the Mod look means shorts, skirts and mini dresses, so show off those legs! In freezing temperatures add tights to keep warm!  The Mod look is all about being bold and standing out so wear bright, bold color:, red, and yellow, blue are the most popular!  Even the skinny jeans come in color this fall! To achieve this Mod look you obviously need accessories, so look for the big, bold and unique jewelry. Chunky bracelets, rings, and earrings of various shapes and styles are great when added to any simple outfit.

Remember this 60’s inspired trend is all about standing out using various shapes and patterns.  Add a little stripe or plaid to your wardrobe and you’ve got a great start in achieving the Mod look!



Monica is a sophomore, Journalism major and Advertising minor at Rider. She hopes to one day write for a fashion magazine in New York City. As a hobby, she has designed some of her own jewelry and clothing with her mother.

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