MAACness on the Moon: Basketball teams hope to floor audience with grand entrance

By Lisa Henderson

For freshmen and transfers who may not know, Midnight MAACness is a fun-filled pep rally that marks the beginning of both the women’s and men’s basketball seasons and will take place tonight in the Alumni Gym. Students can expect to dance their butts off in the stands, receive giveaway prizes and take part in basketball contests. Last year, Midnight MAACness was a circus-themed extravaganza, and this year we look forward to a Galactic Space theme. Before MAACness begins, students can head to the Student Recreation Center to take part in Moonshoes races and enjoy a space-themed buffet. Get ready for a stellar celebration!


“Every year MAACness is really good. As far as the theme goes, it seems like it’s going to be a success and a lot of fun. We had a very productive preseason and are more than ready for the upcoming basketball season.” -Novar Gadson senior basketball player














“I think the theme is pretty sweet. A lot of the things that we’re seeing in popular culture are reflecting the same theme, so it’s nice to know that Rider is incorporating things that are popular and would interest us.” -Diandra Soto, senior














“I’m going with a huge group of friends. We’re going to Daly’s first for all of the food and festivities that will be there. We can’t wait.” -Caleb Funk, sophomore














“I’m a newbie. I’ve never been, but I’m really looking forward to going and having a good time with my friends. I hope MAACness has a lot to offer.” -Rachel Montisano senior transfer student














“It’s a creative idea for a theme. I’m hoping and expecting them to have cool stuff set up. I’ll be there with a big group of my friends.” -Laura Staples, senior













“I absolutely am excited. It should be a good time. I think the theme is pretty great; it would be funny to see the Bronc in a spacesuit.” -Ricky Hajduk, junior













“I’m going to bring my own ball so the basketball players can sign it. They’re my heroes. I once saw one of them at a party and almost fainted.” -Nick Diodato, junior





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