Love for Jackson’s jams is human nature

By Monica Jaramillo

Michael Jackson impersonator commands the stage and the audience with his fierce expression and tight dance moves.


The sounds and moves of Michael Jackson were resurrected Monday in the BLC Theater during the Michael Jackson Tribute, performed by traveling troupe “King Michael.” This show was created and designed to commemorate the music and life of the one and only King of Pop.

At the show’s start, film began to play on a display screen, dazzling the audience with footage of spectacular moments in Jackson’s life.  A group of dancers then rolled out onto the stage, dancing and flipping with impressive control.  All accompanied a fabulous Michael Jackson impersonator, who was an accurate replica of Jackson, right down to the strangely pointed nose.

The performers had the crowd fully engaged, clapping and dancing in its seats. “King Michael” performed many of Michael Jackson’s most popular and well-known songs, keeping the audience entertained from start to finish with non-stop, fluid dancing.  Using pots, pans and buckets, the performers created the sounds of drums and beats that awed the audience as the impersonator moon-walked across the stage with ease.

Each number expressed a unique story with the use of song, dance and lighting. “King Michael” was able to take Michael Jackson’s music and tweak it, adding its own modern spin, all the while maintaining the classic feel of each of Jackson’s hits. This ultimately allowed for a “feel good” show.

It is quite clear that although Michael Jackson has died, he will continue to live on through such spectacular tributes.


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