Looking Back: Thankful for experience Rider offers

Time goes by so fast. I cannot believe Commencement is in less than two weeks. My senior year at Rider impressed me a lot. I’ve done very well in my classes and have obtained useful knowledge from my courses and my professors. More importantly, I have become friends with many American students, faculty and staff at Rider. Through my communication and interaction with them I have been able to improve myself and learn the ins and outs of American culture.

I can still remember what was going through my mind when I first came to Rider. I was so nervous to come here. I was not confident of speaking English and worried about if I would be able to study like American students do. I had no idea what would happen to me at Rider.

To my surprise, I was able to adapt myself to the life at Rider very well and very quickly. The Rider community gave me so much help during the transition period. My American classmates and friends explained to me what I needed to do when I had questions.

Professors are easy to get in contact with and help me with the coursework. The people I met at Rider are all warm-hearted and willing to help me. I really appreciate it. Although I am thousands of miles away from my home, I don’t feel lonely. Rider is another big family for me, and I realize that I’ve grown up and become more independent.

After Commencement, I will begin my internship in Unisys Corporation, a global company located in Pennsylvania. I am so glad I have this opportunity in an American company and am able to work in the “real world.” What I learned in class can be applied to my work and in turn I know about the daily business operations. My internship will last for three months, and after that, I will be back on campus for the fall semester and finish my last four MBA classes.

Our Cohort II Sanda students will be going back to Shanghai in January 2008. It’s another new start in our lives. We are ready to look for jobs and start our careers in China. What we have learned in America gives us many advantages. We improved our English and have become familiar with the American culture. For me, because my MBA concentration is finance, what I would like to do is work for a global financial service company or a bank. Further, I want to study continually in the financial area and get my Chartered Financial Analyst certificate in the future. If possible, I would like to come back to the United States and get more working experience.

I’m so excited my parents are able to come to graduation. And although leaving Rider is sad for me, as my education is coming to an end, it means the start of a brand new chapter.

—Joyce Zhang

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