Looking back and moving forward — bidding farewell

Senior journalism major Qur’an Hansford is the outgoing opinion section editor of The Rider News, photo courtesy of Qur’an Hansford

Dear Qur’an,

As your last question for Qur’an, I would like to know what will you miss the most about Rider University and your undergrad experience?


Your Senior Year

Dear Senior Year,

There are not enough words to explain my college experience and my time here at Rider. I got my first dose of reality my freshman year on the grounds of the Lawrenceville campus. I lost my grandfather the day after freshmen move-in day, broke up with my boyfriend a few weeks later, got my driver’s license, followed by my first job, all in the month of September, just a month after turning 18. 

College felt like a different world, a clean slate, a place where I could focus on my goals and aspirations. I made my own schedule, came and went as I pleased, all while I got to live on my own with other students my age. 

I have always enjoyed the classroom environment, but there was something different about a college classroom. The discussions were more in-depth and complex. I have had professors stand on tables, students denounce climate change and debates on whether our experience in this universe even matters. 

I am going to miss the hours I spent in the library, in Daly’s, in new and old Crans. I won’t forget the productive days, having class at 10 a.m. and not returning back to my room until 10 p.m. I will miss picking out an outfit the night before class and going with sweatpants instead in the morning. I am especially going to miss the people I have met, like the Starbucks employees that I knew on a first-name basis or the professors who became mentors over the years. 

My time at this publication, my team and the much-needed experience I gained working day in and day out in the basement of Ridge House (it will always be Ridge) will be some of my best memories at Rider. Conducting interviews, reporting events and of course winning awards brought my student journalism career to life. But nothing compares to the late-night banter with the editorial board, the laughs, the music and the food. I was so grateful to have been a part of a club so special. 

My extracurricular activities with Tapestry have expanded my talents to new heights. From editing and producing short films to interviewing political icons, I am full of so much gratitude for the family and support team that has evolved over the years on this campus. 

I will miss the open mic nights, art exhibits and concerts, the study sessions that rarely involved studying or the excitement for summer but dying to go back to campus after a week of being home (still packed I may add). 

I will most importantly miss the year I could have had on campus with all of you for one last time. I will miss the student in me who is going away for a while but will be back soon. Just know, if I could do it all over again, I would, and if I could change anything, I wouldn’t. 

A huge thank you to the Rider community for staying tuned. Keep asking questions.

See you soon,


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