Local Band Spotlight

By Marissa DiPilla

There is a really good band based out of Philadelphia called The Defog, whom some of you might remember as the band with whom The Rider Vibes sang on Radio 104.5 in October. Thanks to my sister’s friendship with the band, I was the connection between Vibes and The Defog. The Defog has a show every once in a while, and my sisters and I caught their most recent gig with three other bands at The Fire in Philadelphia. There were two bands that we arrived too late to see. One was called Mirador, out of Philadelphia. The other was Revolution, I Love You, also out of Philadelphia.

The Defog at Radio 104.5 in October 2011 (photo credit: The Defog's Facebook Page)

We finally caught up with the show at around 11:30 PM with Herra Terra, an electronic rock band out of Boston. We had seen Herra Terra play with The Defog a year ago at the Kung Fu Necktie (Philly bars have great names, eh?), and absolutely loved them. Herra Terra reminds me of a fusion of Muse (my personal favorite), and 30 Seconds to Mars. Although I’m not a huge fan of voice distortion by way of talkboxes or autotuners, it only accounted for a small portion of their set. Otherwise, the lead singer had an amazing voice. Once again, I’ll cite Muse in the way that the lead singer was reminiscent of Matthew Bellamy. Each member of the band is clearly extremely skilled at their respective instruments, and the guys play well together. After the set we grabbed a few of their three-track CDs. I definitely encourage everyone to check them out!

The Defog was up last around 12:30, and the crowd grew as they set up the stage. They played a good combination of songs, both old and new. I was excited to hear them play “Kaleidoscopes” off their newest album, because it was one of the songs Vibes had sung with them on the radio. As a true choir geek, I couldn’t resist singing my part along to the thankfully loud music. I always enjoy watching each of the guys on their respective instruments, and this show was no different. As a singer, I especially love to listen to lead singer Chuck Stieg, because he sounds so good live! One of the best things about watching these guys play together (aside, of course, from their great music) is their onstage banter. Offstage, all four of the musicians are hilarious, and their humor is evident onstage as well.

The Defog plays a handful of shows every year, and I definitely think the trips to Philadelphia are worth it. I definitely encourage you to find them on Facebook, like them, and attend at least one of their shows. You will not be disappointed!

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