Lip Sync Battle: Groups face off to raise money for Relay for Life

By Erin Boytis

Rider kicked off its annual Relay for Life fundraiser with its very own Lip Sync Battle.

On Feb. 26, six talented acts competed to become the champion of the battle. Event coordinators and emcees Nicholas Barbati and John Mozes introduced the goals of the event.

“Tonight is special because it is the official start of the fundraiser,” said Barbati. “And so, you’re going to help us create a big donation for this cause.”

Mozes continued with the explanation of how the competition would involve the audience.

“After each act performs, there will be a basket to collect donations,” Mozes said. “At the end, all the money earned by each act will be counted and the winner will be determined by who has raised the most money.”

Sophomore theater major Arnaldo Carrasquillo started off the battle with two back-up dancers. Turning out to be a real crowd pleaser, Carrasquillo commented that he was happy with his performance of Lady Gaga’s hit “Bad Romance.”

A last-minute entry by two freshmen, theater major Allison Phillips and elementary education major Roxanne Seagriff, gave the crowd a performance of the song “Love is an Open Door” from Disney’s Frozen.

“It was a cute number to pick,” said audience member Michelle Wood, a junior public relations major. “I give them credit and congrats for jumping in the competition on the spot and doing really well with it without practicing.”

The ultimate crowd favorite routine of the night and winner of Rider’s Lip Sync Battle was sophomore music education major Emilio Chase and his performance to “The Water Dance” by Chris Porter, featuring Pitbull. Chase said he had dry mouth after his performance even though he was not even singing.

“It was a really fun experience,” said Chase. “I picked this song because I really fell in love with the potential of the choreography with the lyrics and music. It’s not a really well known song but it really draws people in to have a good time. I’m excited that I could be a part of this cause and had a great time doing it.”

Sophomore biochemistry major Amanda Wellik said the event provided a good kick-off for the fundraiser.

“I really loved how confident everyone was,” said Wellik. “It was great and a fun way for Relay for Life to start off.”

The night concluded with Barbati explaining some facts about the Relay for Life fundraiser taking place at Rider on April 2 to April 3.

“We have had a really fun time and some amazing talent here tonight,” Barbati said. “And we here at Rider have a lot to be proud of in this season of giving. Rider University has the best Relay for Life fundraiser events in all of New Jersey.”

After thanking the student organizers of Relay for Life, Barbati and Mozes encouraged the crowd to “donate, donate, donate” when the time for Relay comes.

“This is one of the best events we have ever had at Rider,” said Barbati. “Thank you for coming out and supporting the cause. We have made over $150 tonight all thanks to you, the audience. We have tens of thousands more to go, and we as a community will do just that.”


Published in the 3/02/16 edition. 

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