Letter to the Editor: Rider: Easing into being more green

“Broncs Go Green” is the driving force for sustainability initiatives on Rider University’s campus, defined by the four R’s: “reduce, reuse, refuse [the purchase of non-sustainable goods] and recycle,” according to The Princeton Review’s Guide to 311 Green Colleges.

Throughout the years, the Eco-Representatives have improved Rider University’s level of sustainability. Organizing events and projects to reduce Rider’s waste and energy consumption has been one of the Eco-reps main goals, along with strengthening student involvement in living greener lifestyles.

Reducing food waste in Dalys and Cranberry’s has been a project of the Sustainability office, especially during the competition of RecycleMania, which has already started. Along with contributing to decreasing waste in the dining halls, launching the “Green-To-Go Club” gets Rider students involved. Although considered a lengthy and challenging process, it’s in fact an extremely easy waste-reducing system. This program is offered in all of Aramark’s Dining facilities and at Westminster, with the exception of the Bronc Diner, a decision made by Aramark.

Some students just don’t have the time to fit sitting and eating in Dalys into their busy schedules, especially during those days when you have a three-hour night class that may conflict with dinner. This process allows students to eat on their own time. You can finally take your food with you from Dalys and reduce your garbage when you eat at Cranberry’s. A system that is actually very personalized, the “Green-To-Go Club” allows you to eat where you want and when you want, with the added bonus of being environmentally friendly.

To encourage the use of reusable water bottles Rider has installed Quench stations. Although I agree there are problems currently, better solutions are underway for the near future.

Recently we have shifted our collaboration from Quench to Elkay. These new units are a combination of a water fountain and a bottle-fill station in one. Our first plan is to replace all of the old Quench stations, with 15 of these new and improved Elkay units, which we already have on campus. Because of their design, these units need to be built into the walls and will be time consuming to install. While it may take some time, you will start to see these up-to-date Elkay units around over the next year.

As you can tell this process of having the accessibility for students, as well as our faculty and staff, to live a green lifestyle is all constructed around time and money. Problems do arise, but the Sustainability office is working toward correcting those issues. Rider, Eco-Reps and the Sustainability office collaborate to educate students about how to possess these “easier ways” for everyone on campus to live out a green lifestyle.

-Katelyn White

Sophomore Eco-Rep

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