Letter to the Editor: Questioning inauguration

Dear Dr. Greg Dell’Omo,

I am writing to suggest that you cancel your inauguration celebration.

There are several reasons for doing so. As you have been insisting since last fall, Rider University is experiencing serious financial difficulties. The entire community has been making financial sacrifices for years to save money. I bet you want to do your share of saving for the university as well.

Given our financial circumstances, an extravagant, half-day celebration as outlined by the Provost’s Office recent email communication seems very costly and improper at this time. It sends the wrong message to the Rider community as well as the public at large and creates doubts about whether Rider’s financial difficulties are real.

After an emotional, stressful Fall 2015 semester caused by the administration’s announcement of program cuts, the faculty will likely interpret an extravagant celebration as a direct insult to them and their financial sacrifices.

In conclusion, to salvage faculty morale and demonstrate your own commitment to the university’s financial health, I strongly urge you to reconsider your inauguration celebration plan. If you skip it or at least make it a one-hour modest ceremony, you will earn back some goodwill from the faculty.

—Zhihong Gao

Associate Professor of Marketing


Printed in the 02/03/16 issue.

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