Letter to the Editor: Professor: Rider should preserve Westminster’s status

To the editor:

Rider’s mission has been referred to in justifying the recent decision to sell or transfer Westminster Choir College. Yet, it is hard to believe that Rider’s mission, or frankly the mission of all but a few universities, would somehow not include continuing to embrace this truly world-class college and work to make it more self-sustaining.

It is clear that Westminster is a very far cry from its dire financial state when it merged with Rider in 1992. What university — especially a regional one like Rider — gives up an exceptional and quality college that provides it annually with national and world-wide recognition? Think about it. Westminster students, faculty and alums travel the globe and regularly perform with the best orchestras in the world. What university would not want to continue to be affiliated with that renown as it seeks to build enrollment and revenues, and encounters students who wish to incorporate music in their careers?

—Gerald D. Klein

Professor Emeritus, Organizational Behavior and Management


Printed in the 4/12/17 issue.

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