Letter to the Editor: Professor recounts gender conference success

To the editor:

On behalf of the Gender and Sexuality Studies (GSS) program, I wish to thank The Rider News staff, especially Samantha Sawh, for its coverage of the 34th Gender and Sexuality Studies (GSS) Colloquium. Featuring Amelia Bonow and 12 student presenters, the event demonstrated the impact of cultural perceptions about gender and sexuality in history, music, mass media, film and contemporary society.

Student presenters from the Princeton campus included Christopher Hochstuhl, Jay Maenhout and Alex de Aguiar Reuter. Student presenters from the Lawrenceville campus included Valerie Bell, Alia Danch,  Jennifer Fanelli, William Gallagher, Haley Johnston, Kaitlyn Kallert, Melissa Morrissey, Kimberly Rodriguez and Anna Wostenberg. Faculty panel chairs included professors Deborah Cordonnier, Dr. Terra Joseph and Dr. Mary Morse. Danch, Maenhout and Morrissey also were selected to present their papers at the 12th annual New Jersey Women’s and Gender Studies Consortium Colloquium, held at Brookdale Community College on April 1.

Professor Laurel Harris introduced Bonow, who spoke about her experiences since her #ShoutYourAbortion hashtag originated last October to a wave of major media coverage, including an appearance on Nightline. Her colloquium keynote address marked Bonow’s first college appearance. Melissa Morrissey and Kimberly Rodriguez received the 2016-17 Virginia Cyrus scholarship recognizing their potential for changing the lives of girls and women. Dr. Erica Ryan, assistant professor of history, received the 2016 Ziegler-Gee Award in recognition of her exemplary work for gender and sexuality equality.

We also thank Cordonnier; Susan Stahley, prevention education coordinator;  and their student assistants for organizing and displaying The Clothesline Project T-shirt tie-in. We greatly appreciated the campus community’s support for our 34th Colloquium.

—Mary Morse

Director, GSS Program, and professor, English


Printed in the 4/20/16 issue. 

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