Letter to the Editor: Professor grateful for support Women’s March

To the editor:

On behalf of the students, faculty and staff who represented Rider University at the Women’s March in Washington, D.C., last Saturday, Jan. 21, I thank all of those at Rider who made this powerful social activism statement possible. While the idea for a Rider-sponsored bus originated in a Gender and Sexuality Studies (GSS) student-faculty forum last November, the bus and our participation would not have been possible without support throughout the university.

First and foremost, we thank John Modica, ’18, Student Government Association (SGA) vice-president and GSS minor, who not only requested and received funding for the bus but handled all logistical details — an enormous amount of work. We thank the SGA executive board for recognizing and funding this exceptional opportunity to show our students what social activism means. We thank Provost DonnaJean Fredeen for providing lunches for our bus riders, and the help of Ms. Kim Mann in the Provost’s Office and Ms. Jena Cantwell, Aramark catering manager. We thank Dean Jonathan Millen, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, for providing our “Rider unites for women’s rights” T-shirts.

I thank our GSS faculty and student bus riders, including Dr. Erica Ryan, Ms. Deborah Cordonnier, and, in addition to John, Jennifer Fanelli, ’17, Kaitlin Kowalec, ’17, Aliyah Veltz, ’17, Allison Williams, ’17 and Kimberly Rodriguez, ’18. Thanks also for the help of the Rider chapter of Voices for Planned Parenthood (VOX) and to the Rider students, faculty and staff marching in Trenton, New York, Philadelphia and elsewhere. I hope this historic day resonates as the first of many jointly sponsored events that will unite our students, faculty and staff in our community commitment to social justice.

—Mary Morse

Director of Gender and Sexuality Studies, Professor of English


Printed in the 2/1/17 issue. 

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