Letter to the Editor: Prof praises call for student voice in core curriculum changes

To the editor:

I read with great interest the articles by Thomas Regan on the proposed new core curriculum for the College of Liberal Arts and Science (March 2, 2016). I thought that the author did an excellent job reporting on the issues raised at the Feb. 25 meeting and clarifying the main points in the discussion.

It was especially interesting for me to hear the point of view of students for the first time. In the long debate among faculty and administrators about the new core, I don’t think we have paid nearly enough attention to students’ concerns, for example, about whether the new core would make it more difficult for some students to take electives in areas of interest, add a second major, and graduate on time.

Furthermore, I’m worried about some aspects of the proposal that seem to put the cart before the horse. I agree with Jane Rosenbaum’s comment that the existing core should have been assessed first before proposing changes. I also agree with Thomas Regan’s concluding statement that “in an ideal world” any new courses that are required “would be designed first and then the core would change.”

—Dr. Carol Nicholson

Philosophy professor


Printed in the 3/30/16 issue.

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