Letter to the Editor: Legacy of ‘one of us’

Dr. David Rebovich devoted some 28 years of his exemplary professional life to Rider, serving with great distinction as a faculty member, chair of the Political Science Department, assistant dean of the College of Liberal Arts, Education and Sciences and as managing director of the Institute for New Jersey Politics.

In these roles he made remarkable contributions to the Rider community, to the state and the nation. All of us were the fortunate beneficiaries of his intellectual curiosity, his integrity and his dedication to the advancement of political insight, understanding and citizen participation.

Clearly, he was our state’s most prolific, respected and influential political commentator. But among his greatest contributions, a contribution that will endure as a self-perpetuating legacy, was his role as adviser, mentor and inspiring teacher to generations of Rider students. They loved and flocked to him because his intellectual enthusiasm was magnetic. He engaged his students through observation and participation and fired their passion for academic success and politics. And in all his endeavors he was a champion of fearless integrity.

On a personal basis, I valued David’s wise counsel on numerous issues, but most importantly on the politics and personalities of Trenton. He prepared me for my meetings and occasionally paved the way by introducing me to legislative leaders. A call from David always opened doors. His influence was immense.

David was one of a kind, he was one of us, and we will miss him terribly.

— Dr. Mordechai Rozanski

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