Letter to the Editor: Knowing the right tools for safety

I would like to clarify and re-emphasize some of the points made in The Rider News last week:

The five “outs” discussed in a story and editorial last week were established as part of a training video entitled “Shots Fired, When Lightning Strikes,” offered by the Center for Personal Protection and Safety and geared specifically to active shooter situations on college campuses.

The video is available as part of an interactive training Public Safety is currently offering to students, faculty and staff on both campuses.

The five “outs” are also outlined in the emergency checklists posted in all classrooms, as well as on the Public Safety website. They are: Figure Out, Get Out, Hide Out, Take Out (only as a last resort when your life is in imminent danger) and Call Out to 911 or Public Safety at (609)-896-5029. Calling Public Safety in any emergency situation does not delay a response.


Let’s all remember that safety is everyone’s responsibility. Students, faculty and staff are encouraged to reach out to Public Safety to schedule training for their organizations, classes, departments or offices. Feedback has been very positive among those who have already been trained.

-Vickie Weaver

Director of Public Safety

Printed in the 2/22/13 edition.
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