Letter to the Editor: Feeling “right” with Rider

To the editor:

As the May 1 deposit deadline for admitted freshmen comes closer each day, high school seniors must make the decision to enroll at Rider in part because they see the benefits of the living and learning community, but for some, it comes down to the fact that, “Rider just felt right!” As frustrating as it can be, I can’t quantify what feels right for the seniors that I work with in admissions. It can come down to an interaction with a faculty member, the experience they had with their tour guide or, like one of the students I am working with, it was the Philly pretzels we offered at our last admitted student day that sealed the deal.

I, like these seniors, had made this same decision because Rider has “felt right,” for a variety of different reasons over the past seven years. First it was our club ice hockey program and the opportunity to get involved with Rider University Network as early on as my first semester. After graduation and working as a play-by-play broadcaster in Youngstown, Ohio, it was coming back to Rider to pursue a career in higher education as an admission counselor that just “felt right.” Now, six years later and after plenty of encouragement from my wife, whom I met at Rider, it was the decision to advance my career and enroll in the Clinical Mental Health Counseling master’s program while working full time that gave me that same feeling. All of these changes and opportunities were the end result of a decision that was based on the feeling that Rider was and is the “right” place.

While there have been many long nights on the road, countless weekend events and days away from my family recruiting for Rider, I always felt that I made the right decision and have put my faith in the Rider family that I have grown to know and love. Unfortunately, the looming vote of no confidence and the ever present us-versus-them mentality has me feeling that something just doesn’t feel “right” here at Rider.

We as a campus community have worked extremely hard, against increasing pressures from our competition, to recruit a group of exceptional students that will make up the class of 2021. With May 1 so close, now is not the time to give our admitted students the opportunity to discover what does not feel “right” about Rider. Rather, we need to come together and continue to work as hard as we can to show each and every student why Rider feels right not only today, but for years to come.

I ask my friends and colleagues here at Rider, let’s continue to do what feels right and to support the current administration and President Gregory Dell’Omo as we all guide Rider to a bigger, brighter and successful future.

—Matt Metzger, ’10


Printed in the 4/12/17 issue. 

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