Letter to The Editor: Colloquium congrats

On behalf of the Gender and Sexuality Studies (GSS) program, I wish to thank the Rider University community for supporting our double event last week, our own 30th Anniversary Rider GSS Colloquium on Thursday, April 12, and the 8th New Jersey Women’s and Gender Studies Consortium (NJWGSC) Undergraduate Research Colloquium, which we hosted on Friday, April 13. Dr. Cynthia Cyrus, our 30th Anniversary keynote speaker, attended student panels on both days. She was particularly impressed with the quality of the presentations and the substantive attention women’s gender and sexuality issues received in the panels on both days.
The 30th Anniversary Colloquium panels, on Thursday, included 16 students from both the Princeton and Lawrenceville campuses. All panels demonstrated the impact of cultural perceptions about gender and sexuality in sociology, politics, law, music, literature, social media, pop culture, sports and religion. Lawrenceville student presenters were: Kathryn Gehrsitz, Jessica Canose, William Gero, Charles Filippazzo, Michelle Penney, Christopher Werner, Angela Krall, Abby Walsh, Sabrina Safran,  Caitlin Meddaugh, Nicole Lipari and Jillian Spratt. Westminster student presenters were: Amanda Abdill, Erika Beckwith Bourque and Julie McNamara.
Three Rider University students, Lauren McConnell, Kady Stockman and Aimee Simone, were selected in a state-wide competition to present papers in the NJWGSC Colloquium last Friday. Stockman was named a Promising Scholar and McConnell received an Honorable Mention at the award ceremonies.
All of us on the GSS program faculty thank our student presenters at both events. Through their papers and presentations, everyone involved learned more about the ways that perceptions about gender and sexuality intersect our lives.

-Dr. Mary Morse
Director, GSS Program and Associate Professor, English

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