Letter to the Editor: Change vital for future stability

I’ve heard so much about “change” during the past elections and having witnessed the “change” this January, I must say, the fever of “change” is far from over. Recently at a job interview, I was asked, “How do you react to a change and what do you do if you don’t like the change?” It was a tough and a tricky question for me, but there was one certain answer to that, “Change is inevitable, whether you like it or not,” and that is what I answered.

People in general are very apprehensive in adapting and adopting change because it pushes them out of their comfort zone. But there comes a time in their lives when they are tired of the “usual,” and they need something different to look forward to, like a ray of hope, a light in the darkness. In business practice, people do “cost-benefit analyses” before they think of adapting to a change, but that model does not always work in everyday life. Sometimes, you just have to adapt to the change and create your own model for it. You can certainly retain your identity in the change process.

History has been a witness to changes and has proved time and time again that change is inevitable and it will come sooner or later, no matter how much a person stalls it. The question always remains, whether the rich and the poor, the powerful and meek will learn from the past and make it a better future with the change in hand.

With the recent economic problems, Wall Street fiascos and more to come, it is evident that there also needs to be a change in leadership. A more transparent relationship needs to be established for more accountability and personal responsibility. If one witnesses people leaving a workplace or a business, one cannot help but wonder whether it is the workplace that is a problem or the leadership. Whatever the answer may be, a change is certainly an answer to it. People do leave jobs for a change.

In the wake of this wave of “change,” I certainly hope the soon-to-be graduates will make a valuable difference in shaping and establishing a better future with more accountability and responsibility for tomorrow, not only for themselves, but for others who may come after them and then, do not forget, that they may change it too. Change is the new power!

Sukhi Bedi
OIT Help Desk Specialist

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