Letter to the Editor: Budget cuts need more of a protest

Last week’s edition of The Rider News featured an article entitled, “Making the Case: Colleges unite against Christie’s budget cuts to higher ed.” This is true. Many New Jersey college students understand the implications of Christie’s proposed budget cuts and are even moved to action. However, most of those students do not attend Rider. This is interesting when 70 percent of Rider students are receiving financial aid, according to the Princeton Review. To help put this figure in perspective, only 56 percent of Rider students live on campus.

If so many students are receiving financial aid, why are so few speaking out against these budget cuts?

There has always been a sort of reluctance on the part of Rider students to get involved in politics that has been difficult to combat. What needs to be seen is that this isn’t a Republican issue or a Democrat issue — it’s a student issue. That being said, it’s time to stop sitting around and letting other people decide your future for you.

– Missy Rebovich

Community organizer for the Rider Democrats

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