Letter to the Editor: Bonus mirrors pension cuts

To the Editor:

I would like to amplify what my colleague Dr. Mickey Hess noted in his Nov. 17 letter to The Rider News concerning the “performance bonus” that will, without a doubt, augment President Gregory Dell’Omo’s $475,000 base salary. (Certainly such “performance bonuses” were regularly added to the base compensation of our previous president, Dr. Mordechai Rozanski.) That 30 percent performance bonus, totaling $142,500, represents almost exactly the 3.25 percent reduction in the University’s contribution to the retirement funds of its AFSCME employees — who rank among the lowest-paid members of the so-called Rider “family.” The secretaries had asked for a 2 percent increase in their wages, something that would have cost the university approximately $85,000. Not only did they not receive an increase, they were bullied into accepting a greatly reduced TIAA-CREF contribution. A simple calculation yields the following results: if a 2 percent raise would have cost the university $85,000, then a 3.25 percent diminution in benefits would have increased the university’s coffers by $138,125, a sum so close to the $142,500 that it signifies a real dollar transfer from those at the bottom of the salary scale to the person who sits at its top. No wonder Dell’Omo thanked them for their sacrifice.

—Jane Rosenbaum                                         

Adjunct Professor of English


Printed in the 02/03/16 issue.

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