Letter to the Editor: Basketball program and gym not up to par

The response to Craig J. Peterson’s on the money letter about our basketball program and our gym proves my point that I have echoed in past letters to the editor that our administration and alumni base accept a mediocre men’s basketball program. All this talk of “the greatest three-year stretch in men’s basketball history” and other such accolades are laughable. If everyone else is content with going to a third-rate tournament and losing to Liberty in the first round, that’s fine. I am not.

I am very proud of my alma mater, and I think we can become a great mid-major program. However, we need to invest in our program, not only with money, but with passion. We shouldn’t be happy and writing glowing letters to the editor for a season of going 19-13 and being accepted to something called the collegeinsider.com tournament. We need to demand excellence, and that starts with replacing our joke of a gym, which is mediocre even by high school standards.

Until then, we can let our MAAC-conference mates Siena (which plays its home games in a 10,000-plus capacity gym, by the way) win games in the NCAA tournament and get national respect, while our mentality will still be the kind where our Sports Information Director feels compelled to write a letter to the editor touting how great our 1994 NEC tournament victory was. Whoopee.
Bryan Yurcan
Class of ’02

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