Letter to the Editor: Article brings back memories for alumna

It was wonderful to read your article about Milton Barnes (“Mr. Ambassador: Rider grad is Liberia’s rep in U.S.,” Dec. 5). Milton was a housemate of mine when I was a student at Rider. He and his brother were such intelligent and articulate humans. When we met the Barneses, my roommate, Lynn, had no idea where Liberia was. I had to show her where it was in an atlas.

Other housemates on the second floor had a dog that had puppies. We took one we named Jet, and Milton took Jet’s brother, Oscar. Oscar looked like Jet on steroids. Oscar would often push in our back door to eat Jet’s food. Milton would come over to very nicely and apologetically retrieve Oscar. I should have known then what a great diplomat Milton would become.

Great job Rider, and thank you Rider News for keeping me abreast of friends.

M.J. Manahan
Class of 1976

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