Letter to the Editor: Alumnus begs men’s basketball team to surpass ‘mediocrity’

This is my annual plea for something better than mediocrity from the Rider men’s basketball team.

Throughout the years, I have to see teams like Valparasio, Davidson, Bucknell and even our MAAC conference mates Siena and Manhattan win games in the NCAA Tournament, and I wonder why Rider can’t do the same. We are conveniently located near two major metro areas (New York and Philly) and should be out-recruiting every other mid-major school. We should be lording over podunk schools like Siena, Marist and Niagara.

Now, last year was claimed a successful season because we made it to the MAAC championship game and subsequently got destroyed by Siena. News flash: We had an NBA lottery pick on our team! How many MAAC schools have ever had an NBA lottery pick? And we still couldn’t make the NCAA tournament.

I am tired of the constant 19-14 type records that are considered a success. If we want and demand excellence from our basketball program, and invest in it, we can have it. That’s what schools formerly in our position, such as Gonzaga, have done to turn themselves into top-notch programs. However, if we continue to think that mediocrity is acceptable, than that is what we shall receive.

Bryan Yurcan
Class of 2002

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