Letter to the Editor: AAUP: Keep inauguration simple, inexpensive

To the editor:

We understand that the inauguration of a president is a rare occasion and should be recognized.  We find it hard, though, to ignore the harsh administrative actions of last semester, when faculty with deep commitment to Rider’s students and heritage were to be cast aside and programs central to the school’s core educational philosophy were to be eliminated. These actions were implemented as a reaction to what our soon-to-be-inaugurated president insisted was a deep financial crisis.

If the current financial state of the university is as reported by Rider’s administration, an extravagant celebration hardly seems appropriate.  A lavish celebration could only be viewed as insulting to those faculty who have made significant sacrifices to support the university’s finances.

Therefore, to improve the morale of the faculty and the Rider community and to enhance the public perception of the university, we stand with our students in urging President Dell’Omo to consider the financial impact of the affair and to employ significant restraint in planning his installation celebration.

—Rider AAUP Executive Committee


Printed in the 3/30/16 issue.

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