Lawrenceville SGA Elections

Full-time undergraduate students are eligible to vote in the SGA elections on Tuesday, April 5, from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Resident, commuter and Greek students should report to the SRC Atrium to cast their ballots. Students must have their Bronc IDs for check in. Below is a complete list of candidates running for the SGA Executive Board and Finance Board, Class Councils, Association of Commuting Students and Residence Hall Association.

Lawrenceville SGA Ballot

SGA Executive Board:


Kristin Farina

Reuben Martinez

Brian Williams

Vice President:

Lorelei Colbert

Daniel Gonzalez

Ethan Grossman

Kristen Lynn

Andre Thomas


Michael Blake


Adam Grossman

Monica Stachowski

Finance Board:

Resident Seats (2):

Joseph Gleason

At-Large Seats (2):

Aaron Jacobs

Christopher Andrews

Class Councils:

Senior Class President:

Christina Potter

Angelina Franco

Katheryn Maguire

Senior Class Vice President:

Alexandra Pezzino

Allison Russo

Sophomore Class President:

Brittany Knoerdel

Sophomore Class Vice President

Brittany Achilles

Sophomore Class Treasurer

Monica Swietlik

Association of Commuting Students:


Michael Lombardo

Vice President:

Matt Hillman


Lauren Zarillo

Residence Hall Association:


Rachel Guida

Vice President – Social Activities/Programming:

Britanny Blythe

Melanie Chase

Vice President – Administration:

Jeremy Alemany

Lee Clark

Shannon Melick

CFO – Hall Governance:

Patrick Shevlin

Louis Chebetar


Keira Aukamp

Kelly Sandefur

Edward Kowalewski

National Communication Chair:

Christopher Werner

Public Relations Chair:

John Duke

Recreation Chair:

Anthony Maddaluno

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