Lawrenceville campus elects its student leaders

SGA Executive Board

Brian Pawelko

Vice President
Jonathan Chebra

Alex D’Amico

Frank X. Romano, Jr.

Finance Board

At-Large Seats (2)
Joe Seaton
Kevin Van Loan

Residence Seat (2)
Kimberly Doerrhoefer
Mike Zilly

Commuter Seat
Rajesh Yerramilli

Greek Seat
George Helock

Class Officers

Senior Class President
Matt Semel

Senior Class Vice President
Anthony Olsen

Senior Class Treasurer
Cara Giovinazzo

Junior Class President
Danielle Gizzo

Junior Class Vice President
Paul Gasior

Junior Class Treasurer
Michelle Mellina

Sophomore Class President
Daniel Pinkston

Sophomore Class Vice President
Gina Grosso

Sophomore Class Treasurer
Mitchell Buonpastore

RHA Positions

RHA President
Megan Phair

RHA Vice President (tie)
Nicole States/Steve Scarpiella
(Run-off to be held)

Megan C. McBride

VP Social Chair
Colleen Moore

Public Relations
Tom Wospil

Meghan Montague

CFO (2)
Jennifer Wolk
Maria Ciccarelli

ACS Positions

ACS President
Crystal Palmer

ACS Vice President
James Czajkowski

ACS Treasurer
Stacey Miller

ACS Secretary
James O’Mara

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