Khairy conquers with quick-witted comedy

By Christian McCarville

Khairy kept audiences laughing with jokes about his daughter’s comments about his weight.

Comedy can lighten anyone’s mood, even a college student who is up to their neck in assignments. James Green, comedy chair of the Student Entertainment Council (SEC), explains, “I believe that the students have a lot of stress and things going on over the course of the school year, and laughing is a way to bring about relief.”

On Oct. 7, a comedian known as Khairy came to perform at Rider, organized by the SEC. Khairy is a comedian from Baltimore, Maryland, who performs at many different comedy shows and open mics. He is the second comedian to visit this semester, as Kellen Erstine performed his comedy set last month.

Green briefly explained the process of getting a comedian to appear on campus. “The process is pretty simple. Over time I look at many comedians, and I have to decide if I believe they are a good fit for the students. Then we talk to managers and we go from there,” said Green.

The event began with comedian Benjamin Smith opening for Khairy. Smith is also from Baltimore and it is evident that a lot of their comedy stems from their life in the city. He made several jokes referring to his financial state and his means of making money.

“I started doing DoorDash,” said Smith to the audience. “You guys ever heard of DoorDash? It’s when you find an unlocked door and you dash in and grab as much as you can.” 

Smith also made jokes about Baltimore and his rocky relationship with his landlord. He explained that landlords never call bearing good news. He finished his set with a lighthearted joke about his father giving him a rechargeable car battery before disappearing from his life.

After Smith’s set, Khairy shortly made his way to the stage. He opened his set by talking about interacial relationships. He also detailed a past relationship he had with a woman in a wheelchair. He joked about the problems they faced and how they overcame them.

His set also included jokes referring to “shooting your shot,” ghosts and most notably, Khairy recently becoming a father. He hilariously explained his relationship with his daughter and her constant remarks about his weight. 

Khairy also explained the revelations he’s made from watching children’s movies with his daughter. “When you think about it, ‘The Lion King’ is basically the same movie as ‘Juice,’” joked Khairy.

He also created the “Slavery Cinematic Universe,” modeled after the Avengers Universe. He joked about Nick Fury recruiting Harriet Tubman and Django in a hypothetical end credit scene. 

Another crowd favorite was Khairy’s jokes about City Girls. City Girls is an increasingly popular Florida duo consisting of female rappers Yung Miami and JT. Khairy comedically explained how their lyrics can be applied to his everyday life.

Khairy kept the audience amused during the entire performance, leaving many feeling that this was another successful comedy show put on by the SEC.

Green said, “There are more big events to look out for but I’d hate to ruin the surprises.”

Published in the 10/9/19 issue of The Rider News.

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