Keith finds favor with students

Geoff Keith left the audience wanting more after his show.

By Lisa Henderson

Cheeks and ribs were sore from laughter after the Student Entertainment Council’s comedy show featuring comedian and actor Geoff Keith on Tuesday in the BLC Theater.

Keith is a Los Angeles native who starred on MTV’s Disaster Date for two seasons.

“Geoff put on a really funny show,” said sophomore Alexis Keller. “Definitely one of the best we have had at Rider.”

Keith told tales of his past experiences, such as one girlfriend who was convinced she was destined to be a mermaid, his “Greek god” roommate who paraded through their shared apartment in the nude and his dwarf friend whose large head seemed to grow even larger the one time they shared a joint.

“I loved the show,” said senior Angel Fisher. “He should definitely come back to Rider.”

Keith is at the beginning of an extensive college tour and hopes to be named “College Comedian of the Year” to help gain recognition.

“I’ve already been named one of the ‘Hot Comics of the Year’ by Campus Activities magazine,” he said.

Keith left Rider students with a bit of advice.

“If I wasn’t doing this, I think I’d be miserable,” he said. “It’s lonely on the road. It’s a lot of airports and driving. But if I wasn’t doing it . . . I’d probably f—ing kill myself. So my advice would be to figure out something that you like, and if there’s a way to make money in it, try and do it.”

For more information on Geoff Keith, visit his website at, or visit his Twitter page at

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