Kate Hudson discusses new book at Rider

By Kelly Lindenau

Actress Kate Hudson graced Rider’s campus on Oct. 26, discussing how to live life to the fullest.

However, the crowd grew anxious as 15 minutes went by and there was no sign of the event starting soon. Organized by Princeton HealthCare System, the evening promised a brief discussion as well as a Q&A session with Hudson, to talk about her new book, “Pretty Fun: Creating and Celebrating a Lifetime of Tradition.”

The Student Recreation Center was set up with 1,000 chairs, 200 of those were available to Rider students at no cost. All additional seats were $40, which included light refreshments, a coffee hour and a signed copy of Hudson’s book.

After a short delay, the program kicked off with a speech from Laura Buckley from the Princeton HealthCare System. She gave advice about how to remain healthy, such as recommending that all women get mammograms and encouraging men to get checked for prostate cancer.

After Buckley’s remarks, radio host Chris Rollins from 94.5 FM was welcomed to the stage, holding index cards filled with questions for Hudson. After 40 minutes of waiting for the main event, Hudson arrived and spent the next hour sitting with Rollins, as she was interviewed and was asked questions by the audience.

The main question, which Hudson said she receives frequently, is how she balances being a mom, actress, entrepreneur and an author without completely stressing out. At first, Hudson coyly responded that she “parties” but then followed up with a serious approach, saying that “laughter is healing, crying with your friends is healing, and creating a support system is something that actually makes for less anxiety and less stress.”

She also credits living a healthy lifestyle, mentioning that she has cut meat out of her diet as well as her children’s. When specifically asked about her parenting style, Hudson said her ultimate goal is “just to raise happy kids.”

Despite growing up in a “nontraditional” family, with her mom being a famous actress and her estranged father being a musician, Hudson said that their customs were actually relatively common. She emphasized the importance of family dinners and how that is one of the many aspects of her childhood that she has carried over into adulthood. She insisted that a family dinner goes beyond simply eating with each other, suggesting that the cooking is done together and that the family is actually present and engaged at the table, not occupied by their phones or other electronics. She discussed how important she thinks parties are and emphasized her love for them, specifically themed parties.

“Being a college student, it’s hard to find a balance between having fun and getting work done,” said senior accounting major Sarah McMekin. “She gave really helpful advice and outlined how easy it can be.” Many of the other students in attendance echoed the same sentiment.

The overall message that Hudson wanted to get across was the relationship between love, happiness and balance. The book was simply written to share her philosophies and outlook on life, with the intent of inspiring others. As the night ended, Hudson was met with thundering applause as she left the stage, and the audience began to file out, eager to receive their own copy of “Pretty Fun.”

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