Junior Speaks: Sushi, goat cheese tickle taste buds

headshot_WEBCranberry’s: everyone’s on-campus alternative to Daly’s. The made-to orders and variety make it an ideal pit stop for food. But what happens when it’s crowded and you only have 30 minutes until your next class? Last year, your options were a stale peanut butter sandwich and a yogurt. Now, there is so much more.
The Express Grab & Go section of Cranberry’s has finally been revamped. Besides sushi and the aforementioned forlorn peanut butter sandwich, other, tastier options have been added. Paninis, salads, sandwiches — it’s like a mini market in there.
The tortellini pasta salad has reportedly been good, and is definitely recommended. Other salads include potato salad, goat cheese salad, beet salad and other green salad mixtures.
As for the sandwiches, there is a vegan kale sandwich for those who don’t eat meat or animal by-products, and a gluten-free ham sandwich. It’s always nice to see that there are options for people who have different dietary habits. Of course, there are still peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, but the freshness and edibility of them have immensely improved. For those with refined taste, there is a Moroccan chicken sandwich, which is reportedly fantastic.
Besides sandwiches, wraps also fill in the options. The chicken Caesar wrap, one I have personally enjoyed, and a grilled vegetable hummus wrap are just two of the new choices.
Another treat I have never seen, wrap bites, have graced the refrigerator. They are mini wraps with the aesthetic of sushi. Choices include Caesar wrap bites and ham and cheese bites.
Another option from Grab & Go are paninis. There is a French turkey panini and a Reuben panini. The Reuben panini is made with corned beef, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut, and Thousand island dressing on plain bread.
For smaller snacks, hummus packs with crackers and different yogurt options are available. Even some bigger yogurt cups with granola on top line the shelves. Edamame beans are there too, which are a healthier alternative to chips and other snacks, and they actually taste good. Containers with fruit such as cantaloupe, pineapple and grapes are healthier choices than the French fries attainable just a few feet away.
The Mediterranean Sampler, a container filled with stuffed grape leaves, carrots, cucumbers, Calamata olives, hummus, pita chips and pepperoncini, is another example of a healthy, diverse food choice now available for students to enjoy.
“As a commuter, having quick, non-fried food options is great,” Jasmine Moore, a junior English major, said. “Especially when rushing between classes.”
What is nice about all these options is having the ingredients printed right on the package. I don’t have to stop and think about what makes a French turkey panini “French,” I can just read the label. It makes decisions easier and quicker, adding to the express experience. Labels also help those with dietary restrictions to see what everything is made of before risking a bite.
These are only a few of the options I have seen while visiting Cranberry’s. The selection changes daily.
Cranberry’s has been progressing since I first arrived in 2013. Each year, the menus expand, and the service continues to be fantastic.

–Rena Carman
Junior communication studies major


Printed in the 10/07/15 issue.

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