Junior Speaks: Kicking the cold season to the curb

headshot2_WEBOn top of the build up of exams, homework, and extracurricular activities and sports to worry about, students have another cause for concern as flu and cold season is quickly approaching. I’m sure most of our  mothers have always been in the back of our minds, saying, “Wash your hands,” or “Don’t touch your face,” but, in fact, they’re onto something.

The typical cold and flu season starts from around October and lasts until the beginning of the spring months in late March. It is better to act fast before it is too late. The seasons are still changing and our bodies are still getting used to the crowded settings of dorm rooms and crammed classrooms.

One day it’s sunny and humid with a high of 70 degrees, the next is bitter cold and you’re bundled up in your warmest jacket and sweatpants. This sporadic change in weather with the seasons changing can have a great effect on and be a shock to the body.  With the quick change in the weather, viruses tend to spread easier and faster when the air is cold and dry.

Your physical health as well as your nutrition is a major factor in preventing the illnesses that attempt to cling to us this time of year. Cold and flu immune system boosters such as garlic, sweet potatoes, dark leafy greens and, of course, the classic  chicken noodle soup, can help keep the doctor away this season. Maintaining a healthy diet does not just rely on fruits and vegetables but foods from most food groups like beef and fish. They can help in the long run. Just 30 minutes of moderate cardio a day is another way to keep your body active and boost your immune system greatly.

From all of the locations a student travels in each adventure of the day, the amount of germs touched is unthinkable. It is crucial to stop spreading illnesses as much as possible in the campus community.

Avoiding close contact is probably the best and easiest action to take when protecting yourself from getting sick and helping others not contract illnesses as well. Covering your mouth and nose also helps not spread germs to those around you.

A resource that we have right here on our campus is Student Health Services located in Poyda Hall. The health center offers countless varieties of services for students, including flu shots each fall and the general treatment of illnesses.

Something that we students always seem to forget about is sleep. Lack of sleep can not only make you more prone to illness, but it can also affect how long it takes you to recover. With the craziness of finals quickly approaching, remember to wash your hands, be conscious of your health and catch up on some well-deserved sleep.

—Hayley Fahey

Junior journalism major


Printed in the 11/9/16 issue.

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