Junior Speaks: Finding a minor helps find a future


Some people come to college thinking they will complete their major and be done. That is, until they realize they go to a comprehensive university and have extra credits to fulfill. Some may choose to take more general education classes, while others might choose to explore more realms within their major.

The smart ones choose to acquire a minor.

A minor is a good way to show another area of expertise. It’s a better way to show you’re good at something instead of saying you took a class once. Having multiple classes within the same subject shows a deeper understanding about the concept than one class.

Employers would like to see that you are talented in more than one way. For example, if you had two prospective employees, both with a degree in advertising, but one has a minor is psychology, which one would sound like a better candidate?

Also, sometimes there are restrictions on the kinds of classes you can take because of your major or minor. Having a minor is a good way to get into classes you might not have been able to negotiate yourself into. It is also a way to take more than one class of a subject that interests you. Personally, I have an English minor, which means I can slide into literature or writing classes that interest me. Since I wanted to take more than one class in this area, having a minor helps.

You might think the minor puts restrictions on what kinds of classes you can take. While it is true that minors require certain classes, most minors have options. They let you choose between classes lumped together. For instance, I have to take a literature class, but I have a say as to which one I want.

Even if you only want to take one class for a semester and drop the minor later, you can do that as well. But it is a great way to expand your knowledge if you keep the minor.

On the academic side, most minors do not require a lot of time (from what I’ve seen). Most are about six classes, which tends to fill up those extra credits you need to graduate. So why not show that you can have more than one area of expertise?

I believe everyone should take up a minor, even if it doesn’t relate directly to your major. It gives you a chance to pursue a dream you might have had or to test the waters of a potential major change.

—Rena Carman

Junior communication studies major


Printed in the 12/02/15 issue.

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