Junior Experience: Premium rooms propose perks

As the housing deadline for next year approaches in March, many of us have a lot of decisions to make. Who are we going to choose for a roommate? What type of room do we want? Which building do we want to live in? These questions have a tendency to stress us out even more than our usual load of homework.
I have lived in both a standard residence hall room and a premium-housing pod. After making the choice to live in premium housing, there is no way that I would ever want to live in standard housing again.
One of the perks of living in premium housing is that you have individually controlled heat and air conditioning in each room. If you’re like me and have allergies and asthma, this is one of the best things that Rider has to offer. You have complete control of the temperature in your room. When it is freezing cold outside, it’s great to have control in order to avoid living in a sauna. Also, it is wonderful in the spring because when it is hot you can put the air on to cool down and not have to open the windows.
Another perk of premium housing is that you have your own bathroom. It’s much more convenient than having to walk down the hallway in just a robe or towel in front of others to simply take a shower. In premium housing you are in the comfort of your own room. Some might complain that having a bathroom means you have to clean it — and no one wants to take the time to do that. However, I think that having your own bathroom gives you a more practical reality of what it is like to live on your own. You can even make a schedule with your roommates so that you don’t get stuck doing all the cleaning every week.
Lastly, having premium housing provides more privacy and space than a standard dorm. For example, to get to my pod I have to go through five doors, including the main one to get into the building. There are two deadbolts: one on the door to the hallway of the pods and another on my door. It makes me feel very safe. Also, the rooms are much bigger and provide a more comfortable environment to have friends come over. There is more space to decorate and make it feel like home. Some premium housing rooms even have enough space to fit a futon.
Even though living in premium housing is more expensive than standard housing, it is worth the investment. If you are going to be an upperclassman next year, I strongly suggest that you gather some of your best friends and apply for premium. You have already paid your dues by living in a standard dorm, so make your final college year(s) more enjoyable with premium housing next year. Make the most of your time at Rider while you can. You won’t regret it.

-Jessica Vento
Junior public relations major

Printed in the 2/19/14 edition

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