Junior Advice: The fun side of the frigid weather

While some of us may have given up already, swearing that a one-way trip to Florida is in the near future, it is important to maintain a positive attitude. There are plenty of fun ways to enjoy this snowy time of year.

I always use the abnormally cold temperatures as an excuse to buy new clothes and accessories. Although I have a hard time adjusting to the weather, I absolutely love winter fashion. It gives me a chance to purchase new clothing that I can only show off during these few months of the year.

Students from warmer climates and those who left their winter gear back at home shouldn’t worry. The Rider Bookstore is open almost every day. Driving off campus to purchase winter gear may not be an option for students without cars, so there is still a chance to stock up on the latest winter accessories and clothing. Let’s face it; we all love the sweatshirts and jackets available at the bookstore, but we can never find a good enough excuse to buy them. Here’s the chance we have all been waiting for, the prices are reasonable and well worth it.

Winter also means that Rider basketball is in season. Games are played weekly, so students can come out to support their fellow classmates and have fun at the same time. Tickets can even be used in the bookstore to receive 20% off a later purchase of Rider apparel — which is an even greater bonus.

There are several resorts in the area that students could go to on the weekends to ski and have fun in the winter weather. Spring Mountain Adventure located in Schwenksville, Pennsylvania. Corporation is just one of the many resorts within an hour of campus. There are only a couple months left of winter, so now is the time to ski and snowboard. For those who are first timers, lessons are offered to help anyone get started. In addition to skiing and snowboarding, students can also go ice-skating in the area. Ice Land Skating Center, located in Trenton, is in the area, so students will be able to enjoy the afternoon in a fun and active way.

We may have a storm in our near future, so do not let the cold temperatures stop you from having fun. Snowstorms give us a chance to channel the child within us by building snowmen and having snowball fights with our closest friends. It’s the perfect stress-reliever because it is a fun way to keep our minds off of classes and homework for just a little while. Watching the snow fall is also very peaceful and relaxing to me because it always appears to be so light and soft. I love how beautifully it just seems to drape over all the buildings on campus.

Daly’s and Cranberry’s also offer up a chance for us all to stay warm and indulge in chili and soup, since they always have a variety available during lunch and dinner. They also offer, along with the Pod in Sweigart and Starbucks, coffee and hot chocolate. As college students, we are all familiar with the need for coffee, so winter offers up a variety of seasonal flavors to satisfy that craving. Hot chocolate is a sweet and delicious way to warm up during the day and brings us back to our childhoods as well.

Although some of us may want to give up on winter altogether, we must remain positive. There are countless ways for us all to have fun and enjoy the beginning of our spring semester as we wait for temperatures to heat up.

-Erin Wallace

Junior English major

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