JuicyCampus shuts down because of financial difficulties

by Julia Ernst

Nearly three months after a southern university blocked student access to JuicyCampus.com, the Web site has been shut down nationwide by its founder.

“Like any well-run company, Juicy Campus had financial projections that showed when the site would run out of money,” Matt Ivester, founder of the Web site, said in an e-mail, according to news releases. “However, this occured sooner than expected as a result of the economic downturn, plummeting ad spending and toughening capital markets.”

The Web site was shut down on Monday, Feb. 5, according to news reports. Back in November, Tennesse State University blocked the ability of students on campus to access the Web site through the university’s server.

JuicyCampus, which allowed college students to post anything they wanted about classmates, was known for its slanderous, highly offensive content.

In the news release, Ivester said that the Web site had been struggling for weeks because of financial issues but ultimately had to be shut down.

“While there are parts of JuicyCampus that none of us will miss — the mean-spirited posts and personal attacks — it has also been a place for the fun, lighthearted gossip of college life,” he said.

Dean of students Anthony Campbell said that he was happy the site had been taken down.

“Personally, I’m pleased that JuicyCampus no longer exists, because I believe it was more harmful to the communities than helpful,” he said. “However, I’m sure that JuicyCampus will appear in some other name, and I hope that we can use the lessons we learned from JuicyCampus for the better. For the most part, I think JuicyCampus left a legacy of hurt.”

Brigid Kelly, a senior psychology major, was also pleased that the Web site was taken down.

“I think it’s a good idea to shut it down because it was just a wall for people to slur on,” Kelly said. “It eliminates another problem for people to deal with every day.”

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