Jamie Greenfield Reveals the Inspiration Behind Her Art

     by: Nicole Veenstra

     “The reason why I do things becomes apparent a while after I do them,” said Jamie Greenfield, the artist whose exhibition, Bodies of Work, is currently being presented in Rider University’s Art Gallery. “And, I mean, it’s spooky… but it’s fun.”

     The artist’s talk on Thursday night marked two weeks since Bodies of Work, a collection of 35 drawings, first debuted in the gallery. It is also where Greenfield revealed to an audience of over 60 people, both students of Rider and the general public, that the drawings being shown as one collection were not originally intended to go together.

     “He said, ‘lets put the dolls with it,’ and I was like, ‘what?’” Greenfield said, referencing a conversation she had with Dr. Harry Naar, professor at Rider and director of the gallery, while deciding what pieces to show.

     Naar responded by asking Greenfield to talk about the similarities between the doll drawings and nude drawings, helping the audience understand why they did eventually decide to have them shown together.

      “I don’t know the how or why of the first one . . . something about a lack of money,” she said, joking about her lack of spending money immediately after she finished graduate school.

     Greenfield continued on, sharing with the audience her love for drawing the body since her first class in college and how she substituted dolls for actual models after graduate school because she did not have money to support her passion at the time.



     Naar then explained that he chose to display Greenfield and her drawings in the gallery because it had not had an exhibition of strictly drawings in a long time. Greenfield, however, does not limit herself to drawing, which she made sure to tell the audience.

     “I think a sculptor’s drawings are often the most beautiful,” she said.

     Greenfield then told the story of why she started sculpting so much later than drawing.

     “My teacher told me I wasn’t to be trusted with a third dimension.”

     Nowadays, Greenfield splits her time between teaching studio art and art history at The Lawrenceville School and working on new pieces, whether they are drawings, sculptures or paintings, to add to her portfolio. Besides having an exhibition in Rider’s gallery, her most recent exhibition was at Dacia Gallery in New York City.

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