Investigation ongoing for sexual assault report

A sexual assault was reported on Oct. 18 in Poyda Residence Hall involving two students who knew one another. The investigation is ongoing. Casey DeBlasio, public information officer for Mercer County, said no charges have been filed.

“I can confirm that the prosecutor’s Special Victims Unit and the Lawrence Police are investigating the reported assault of a female in the early hours of Sunday morning,” she said. “No charges have been filed at this time.”

Students are instructed to contact Public Safety at 609-896-7777 or 911 in an emergency and to report suspicious activity or persons to Public Safety at 609-896-5029.

Public safety recommends the following tips:

Don’t travel off-campus alone.

Always keep your cellphone charged and on hand.

Trust your intuition. If you feel unsafe, remove yourself from the situation.

Never prop open residence hall doors. Always lock your door and windows.

Look out for your friends. If someone is of unsound mind, get them to a safe place.

When engaging in sexual activity, be sure to receive consent.

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