Interning: Commit, Change, Continue

By Janae Tucker

Rider University offers a plethora of internship opportunities every year to students so they can adapt easily to real world jobs after they graduate.

A student’s main focus once they come to Rider is how and when can one intern? Well, luckily the co-op and internship programs offered lead to many post college jobs that many only dream of having. There are internships offered in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, College of Business Administration, student teaching, career services and small business programs. These potential jobs are only mainly required for juniors and seniors who have a minimum 2.0 gpa in the different colleges at Rider University. A range of internships include sites with agencies, sport teams, radio stations in the tri-state, private law firms, corporations, banks, and humanitarian global study careers outside of the United States. All these opportunities lead to the biggest purpose of college itself; networking.

Chantel Pressley, a 21 year old college junior is a social worker major and interned at the Anchor House in Trenton, N.J. this spring semester and has literally fell in love with her major even more.

“The kids range from 8 to 18 years old and they are all so special in their own special way,” she says.  “Each child or teenager feels comfortable at the Anchor House and so do I. Coming here makes me appreciate my family and them being able to push me to go forth with my education and come to Rider in hopes that I would be led in the right direction with an internship that actually was real and interested me. This spring I was in a course that we only had class three or four times with our professor and the rest of the classes we had to schedule to be at our internship. I loved being hands on and talking to the kids. It was so much fun. The Anchor House Inc. is an agency for homeless, abused, neglected, and runaway kids but they are so much more than that, they are children who are just looking for love and this internship has inspired me even more to continue my pursuit of being a social worker,” she smiles.

Social working is very common in Chantel’s family as her aunt, sister, and grandmom have all had jobs in the field as well. “When I came to college I already had my mind set on what I wanted to do and I always loved kids so I feel as though I am right where I need to be.”

It is very normal for college students to change their mind about what career they want more than once while at a four year institution. Yet, that is why internships are offered so that students get a chance to get in the field and actually see what goes on at the job. Many institutions do not have the connections that Rider happens to have being that it is located near the capital city of New Jersey and public transportation to Philadelphia and New York City is very easy to get to.

As for Tiffany Ervin, a 21 year old television/radio major and college junior she does not have to travel. She was fortunate to be offered an internship through the phone after Hamilton Jewelers visited her personal professional video website that previewed the videos she edited, produced, and directed.

Junior at Rider University, Tiffany Ervin has worked as an intern for the Princeton, NJ Hamilton Jewelry Company for two years and receives $15 an hour.

“I am more than blessed to have an internship that does not involve me having to travel. I do most of my internship work at the television studio here at Rider once the Hamilton Jeweler company CEOs send me the work and video that they want me to put together. For me it is very easy and I get paid which is an awesome perk,” she states.

“The fact that my internship pays and I work on material that I actually like to do makes me feel so good. I always hear from some of my friends that they have internships or co-ops that they absolutely hate but its all that their college offers to them. Rider truly has that inside connection that we as students needs to take advantage of and I for one love it.”

Tiffany has been an intern for Hamilton Jewelers for two years and gets paid 15 dollars an hour which motivates her to stay focused on her school work and then working for a company that might one day give her an office position after she graduates in 2013.

“Money is power.” This is what 21 year old junior, Tyree Leonard says keeps him going everyday. “I feel as though we all love money and after interning as a sophomore for 3rd Federal Bank, I was offered a part time job to work with them. I am only a junior in college and can honestly say I love my job.”

“Without my finance professor pushing me to send in my resume I would probably just be wasting my time instead of earning money. What I love so much about my job also is that they actually care. They did not make me do those “stupid” errands like run and go get them some coffee but let me actually see the drawers of money and the vaults   in the bank so I could understand the seriousness of this occupation.”

“I get so proud of myself to be able to my mom that her money putting me through college is not going to waste because I am grasping onto every opportunity and door that opens for me. The fact that I met with executives and owners of major banks in the state of New Jersey just motivates and drives me to continue to work my way to the top and hopefully one day with the right help I can open my own bank or start my own financial company for others,” he concludes.

The real life experience and professional attributes and skills that Rider University offers to students starting in the spring of some sophomore years and then junior and senior years while in college is probably the best memories young adults can make as an undergraduate.

Even though there are a number of other students such as sophomore Katelyn White, who is an eco- rep and landed an internship with Climate Control, senior finance major, Ashley Perez landing an executive position with Johnson & Johnson or junior international business major Brandon Ravnell interning for Aerotek all year long, advice from all of the students interviewed is very similar. For all those interested in internship programs they must put themselves out there for the real professionals to see, sell who they are and their strengths. Let people know that they are ready and willing to be serious and give their time to a job that they are really interested in and the opportunities and jobs will be right there ready to give them a chance to make their dreams come true.

It is up to you then to come to Rider University or any four year institution ready to put your foot in the door at any given moment and sell yourself with an updated resume and credentials that separate you from the rest. Departments at Rider from biology, chemistry, education, economic, business entrepreneurship, finance, psychology, communications, performing arts, history, foreign language, environmental studies, and accounting plus more all are waiting for you to follow your calling as a undergraduate and pursue a career that you love after you graduate. Interning is the way to go!

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