In Depth: Closer look at issues in upcoming Lawrenceville SGA elections

Campus and student safety
By Nadine Tester

At the beginning of last semester, one of my friends had her car window smashed in. Although occurrences like this don’t happen that often, safety at Rider could be heightened.

In the upcoming Lawrenceville SGA elections there are many issues that are going to come up and security is a very prominent one. I know many students and parents alike are not happy that there isn’t a desk with an actual person sitting behind it when you come into most residence halls. This could cause potential problems, especially if doors are left propped.

At some universities that my friends attend, they have to show their ID to a person sitting at a desk, not just swipe a card. But this doesn’t make me feel unsafe. I’ve never had any problems with break-ins and I’ve never seen anyone that I guess you could call unsavory-looking.

Of course, living in an all female residence hall, you get used to seeing people’s boyfriends and friends, and it’s easy to pick out someone who doesn’t belong.

I always see Public Safety driving around and I’ve never felt stalked or uneasy anywhere on campus. But, I think safety has more to do with how you were raised.

At the same time, there are many things that you can’t prepare for. On the other hand, if you’re smart and follow simple safety rules your parents taught you, maybe in the third grade, you should be all right. For example, I’ve never walked to my car alone in the dark; I’ve always had someone there with me.

There are some things, as I said before, that you can’t prepare for. For example, anyone can drive onto campus before 8 p.m. without having to sign in. This leaves a lot of leeway for potential danger.

However, there are certain things that could be changed. For example, before spring break my friend called for an escort car to get to the Health Center, because he was sick and it was cold out. The only escort car didn’t come, because it is broken. As a result, no one was able to pick him up. If there were someone who felt threatened or was in danger, who would come to pick him or her up?

Be that as it may, there could be slight changes made to the security here on campus, there is only one thing on campus that makes me feel unsafe. There are several wildlife creatures that reside on campus.

While at first glance these cute ducks, squirrels and birds may give Rider a friendly look, they are in fact the only threat I feel on campus. Walking to class, I’ve had squirrels hiss at me and throw acorns at me, ducks fly into my head and birds shake me down for my lunch money.

On April 5 the Lawrenceville SGA elections will be held. Make sure you get out and vote. However, make sure you know the issues and where each candidate stands on each issue.

If you feel unsafe at Rider, make sure you vote for someone who has plans to heighten security. I’m personally going to vote for whichever candidate is for animal control at Rider.

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