Holiday Face-off — Fake Trees

Along with the holiday season comes the time to begin decorating. As I drive by houses on my way home from school, I can’t help but notice the sparkling lights hung from rooftops and the blowup snow globes placed in front yards. For those who celebrate Christmas, the decoration that is the center of attention is none other than the Christmas tree. The question is, which to buy: real or fake? There are many times when being the real deal wins out. This, however, is an instance where faux is the way to go.

A tree dies every time a person cuts one down to enjoy for a few short weeks. With the many existing environmental issues that occur on a regular basis, is it really necessary to add to the problem by chopping down tree after tree for Christmas?

The Christmas Tree Company website sells real trees for over $100. Of course, real trees can be found for a lower price, but one must consider that a new tree must be bought each year. Fake Christmas trees are sold at Wal-Mart from anywhere between $20 and $350, depending on size. While you may spend more money on a fake tree at first, money is ultimately saved over the course of several years, as fake trees can be reused over and over again. Oftentimes fake trees come pre-lit, which saves one the cost of buying lights and the hassle that comes with stringing them on the tree.

When a person gets a real tree, they need to worry about bugs hiding within the branches, pine needles falling onto their floor and remembering to water it. The only step necessary to keep a fake tree looking great is to put some ornaments on it. There is no need to wait to go buy a Christmas tree in fear of all the needles falling off before the holiday; fake trees can be put up to enjoy all winter long.

Everyone deserves a chance to relax and enjoy this time of year in the midst of the craziness that the holidays bring. With so much time and money spent preparing for them, any place where one can cut back is preferred. Buying a fake tree is a great way to be environmentally friendly, save some money and cut back on the holiday to-do list.


-Casey Gale

Freshman journalism

and American studies major

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