Hidden Resource: EasyPrint saves students time

I’m sure every student at Rider has rushed to a printing station to print something out before class at some point or another. Once you get to the printing station, there’s almost always a line of at least six people waiting to print stuff out. They’re all impatiently waiting to use the computer to send the document to the kiosk next to it. Wouldn’t it be easier if people were just able to send their document directly from their personal computer to the station? I mean, with the technology available today, wouldn’t it be smart for Rider to help make our lives easier?
What many students do not know is that the school is already on top of it. Rider has had a program called EasyPrint since last year. EasyPrint lets you send any document from your personal computer or laptop to any printing station on the Lawrenceville or Westminster campus.
This resource can be downloaded from the Rider website free of charge and is completely safe for your computer. In order to download it, you need to go to rider.edu and search EasyPrint. It’s the first link that pops up; it’s as easy as that. The page will explain the program and ask you which version to download. There is one for both PCs and Macs, so make sure you download the right one for your computer.
This is a very helpful tool that people need to know about. Based on personal experience, I know how tedious and annoying it is to wait in line to send a document to the kiosk and then wait in line yet again to print something out. These long lines are the reason why people are usually late to class. Wouldn’t you just like to be able to print from your own computer, walk to class and go straight to the source to print? EasyPrint will allow the document you send to stay in the system for four hours, which is plenty of time to be able to print. After this time, it will be deleted from the memory at the station.
Another aspect about this program is it allows you to choose the option to print on both sides or just one side. This helps reduce the amount of paper that is used on a daily basis.
College takes up a lot of time and energy, so why should the simple act of printing documents stress you out even more? Rider does have ways to make our lives easier, but many people do not see them, and EasyPrint is one way to make life a whole lot easier.
-Walter Saravia
Junior English major
Printed in the 4/19/13 edition.

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