Health and Fitness: Coming together in campus wellness

Feb. 18 kicked off Rider University’s Annual Health and Wellness Awareness Week. In order for students to gain more knowledge and make healthier choices, a variety of events were scheduled. One of these events was a Health and Wellness Fair in the Cavalla Room on Feb.19, complete with information tables, stress-relieving massages, “I Love My Body” T-shirts and a Tai Chi demonstration.

What stood out the most to me was the first day’s theme: Run to Spring Break. Students were able to sign up for a four-week-long fitness program. For some, exercise is more of a chore than a hobby, so this option allows for those who wish to be involved to keep to a personal schedule that can only better their health.

The National Coalition for Promoting Physical Activity states that, “nearly half of American youths aged 12-21 are not vigorously active on a regular basis.” With such a disappointing statistic, it is reassuring to know that Rider is doing its best to improve the health of students.

Not only should each student exercise consistently, but he or she should also make healthy choices when it comes to what they eat. With the new and improved Daly’s, eating healthy is more of a possibility. The salad bar is larger than ever, with a broad variety of vegetables and the specials each day are served in more appropriate portion sizes.

I find it truly special that there are several opportunities to live a healthy college life at Rider. Our school may celebrate health and wellness for a week each year, but it never stops there. By offering two to three fitness classes in the Student Recreation Center a day, it is evident that Rider is doing its best to account for the needs of all its students. Some people prefer guided, interactive exercises to machines.

Exercise has always been a vital aspect of my life, so I take advantage of the gym as much as I can. The extension of the gym hours — closing time is now midnight — has been a huge benefit for me because I am never able to get to the gym before 10 p.m. Like other students, I have night classes, massive amounts of homework and meetings each night. Despite my busy lifestyle, I know that there is always room for exercise in my schedule. Even if I am only able to work out for 30 minutes, I am always able to set aside some time to focus on my health each day.

The Annual Health and Wellness Awareness Fair shows students that exercising and eating healthy should be a part of their everyday life. No matter how busy a student’s schedule may be, there is always room for exercise. Sometimes it is true that students want to start a healthy lifestyle, but they may not know where to start. Fortunately, there are several options offered at Rider to satisfy the needs of each student and to improve his or her life for the better.

-Erin Wallace

Sophomore English major

Printed in the 2/22/13 edition.

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