Green Corner: Put spring in your step for a sustainable season outdoors

As spring weather arrives,  you may be craving some fresh air and a little sunshine. Thankfully, there are many trails and outdoor activities near Rider’s campus. If you and your friends are looking for outdoor fun but don’t want to drive far or out of state to visit a national park, then you’re in luck. Broncs are in walking and short driving distance to a plethora of parks and trails.

Having this wide selection of local options means that little to no carbon emissions will be spewed into the atmosphere. By driving, walking or biking these short distances, you are releasing less carbon than you would by driving to a national park or working out at the gym. Going to the gym means large amounts of energy are used between keeping the lights on and using the equipment.

Did you know that there is a beautiful running trail right behind West Village? The Loveless Nature Preserve stretches for a little under 2 miles and provides you with beautiful sights and nature’s tranquility.

Marquand Park is a beautiful park right off of Lover’s Lane on Route 206. It provides an assortment of activities and educational information throughout the 17-acre historic preserve. There are over 140 different species of trees that are tagged with their genus and species name. This park is great for all ages and types of activities. One can find picnic tables, benches, open grassy areas, a playground and dozens of walking trails.

Similar to the other parks, Delaware & Raritan Canal State Park is close to Rider and features a vast variety of activities such as walking, hiking, fishing, kayaking, biking and even horseback riding trails. This 70-mile park is home to over 160 species of birds, so keep an eye out while exploring.

By choosing to exercise and spend time outside rather than in a gym, one can reap the benefits of local activities while also helping the environment by using less energy.  Visiting local farms such as Terhune and Cherry Grove farm support local farmers and lessen your carbon footprint. It’s important to take advantage of seasonal produce, such as blueberries in the summer and brussel sprouts in the fall, because they don’t need to be transported from a place where it is in season and local produce needs little human intervention to successfully grow.

Next time you and your friends are bored this Spring, try checking out one of these attractions. These are great places to bring friends and family for outdoor fun. Your body will love the fresh air and the environment will thank you.

— Ambria Dell’Oro

Lawrenceville Eco Rep


Printed in the 4/5/17 issue. 

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