Green Corner: Helping out hybrids on campus

sign_ADJHave you seen the two new signs that were installed in the Bart Luedeke Center administrative parking lot? As part of Rider’s commitment to sustainability, these parking spaces are now reserved for hybrid, electric and natural gas cars.
The Office of Sustainability is also currently conducting a short, three-question survey to determine faculty and staff interest in a new initiative to install charging stations for electric cars on the Lawrenceville campus. Faculty and staff members, be sure to look for it in your email. If you have any questions, please contact Sustainability Manager Melissa Greenberg at
There is a possibility that parking spots reserved for eco-friendly student drivers will come about as well. The designation of sustainable parking spots may encourage students to invest in eco-friendly vehicles, or at the very least, will reward students that have already made the investment.
-Sarah Bergen


The link to the survey is here at


Printed in the 10/22/14 issue.

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