Green Corner: Enjoying the natural beauty here at Rider

This school year is quickly beginning to pick up its pace and rush onward. The warm air is starting to turn slightly cooler, and fall is here. But many Rider students are still taking full advantage of the joys of air conditioning, if they have it.
However, our air-conditioned comfort pushes out emissions into the air. The impact of one air conditioner may seem small, but think of all the air conditioners this school has, and think about how much is being pumped out if all are running at once to maintain low temperatures. But if just one student starts changing habits and limiting air conditioner use, it could influence others and also reduce emissions. It may seem hard, but our environment is worth the effort. It only takes one Rider student to be a part of the change, and we should all do our part to protect our world.
Rider University students may be losing some of the amazing benefits of fresh air, while there is an easy fix. Now that it’s starting to feel like fall again, students can comfortably sleep with open windows.
A closed room is a stuffy room. We can get sick more easily if we close ourselves off from the world. This isn’t all though. Scientists have seen that people who are exposed to more fresh air have better well-being overall and feel more connected to their surroundings. The last thing is the biggest for Rider students. Natural ventilation helps people study and concentrate better than any other form of ventilation.
Just taking a break and going outside is also beneficial. Grab a sweatshirt instead of grabbing the heat controls or go for a run to warm up. The daylight hours will start getting shorter now, so enjoy all the time outside or with the windows open. Netflix can wait while the sun shines bright, so go out and get active. We can enjoy the beautiful campus and rediscover our love for the outdoors. This sounds almost too good to be true, and all of it is free.
Have we forgotten those wondrous days where we used to run around and play in the grass, until our moms called us in for dinner? Scientists have seen a direct correlation between mood and fresh air. The more fresh air we get, the happier we tend to be. So the inevitable truth is right in front of us. Our classes are about to get much harder and the work load is about to increase. A quick idea of something to do is what we have all seen in shows and movies: Bring your books outside. Even if it’s just for an hour, that can do amazing things for you and you might be in a better mood while doing your work.
It’s also time to throw open the shades. The sun provides us with invaluable Vitamin-D production and even helps to fight off symptoms of depression. So even if you have to be stuck inside all day, open the shades and bask in the sunlight. It can go very far toward making you a happier student, and you can also take a break to throw on your favorite song and belt out an amazing solo (until your roommate comes in…that’s awkward).
So, Rider, what do you say? Let’s spend some time outside. Open the windows, open the blinds, and help out our environment at the same time. This world can be a beautiful place. Let’s spend some time and appreciate that.

–Kevin Miller
Lawrenceville Eco Rep


Printed in the 09/30/15 issue.

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