Green Corner: Enjoying a green Earth Day

As Earth Day approaches, it is important to understand why 200 million people in more than 141 different countries celebrate the beauty of our planet. Rider University will be part of this number on April 22, connecting us with schools and people from places like California, New York, South Africa and Canada.
Rider has taken plenty of steps to go green during the past few years. These efforts have not only brought some cool new technologies to Rider, but, more importantly, have educated students, faculty and even the townships of Princeton and Lawrenceville about how to be environmentally conscious.
So why is Rider investing so much in this sustainable technology? First of all, sustainability is meeting the needs of today without compromising the needs of tomorrow. Obviously, Rider will be saving money in the long run, as well as leaving less of a negative impact on the environment.
So why not make every day Earth Day? Being sustainable only requires small, mindful changes. Technology has made going green so much easier. It is easy to use fewer water bottles, thanks to the Elkay Units in academic buildings and some residence halls. Make an effort not to grab a plastic bag in Cranberry’s, sign up for a Green to Go container in Daly’s or try to cut your shower a little shorter. These minor changes can make a huge impact.
For many, every day is Earth Day. We all live on this planet, and are all exposed to the same wonders that Earth offers. So, be mindful of how you impact the Earth. Everyone has the simple right to live on our planet.
There is endless beauty to be found in nature ­— even at Rider. On one side is the hustle and bustle of Route 206, while on the other side of campus is the quiet and serene setting of the woods. Here at Rider, we live among the honeybees, birds, squirrels and so many other animals that have made our home their home. They have every right to be here, as we do. We need to keep the area clean for them to roam.
It is really important to treat every day like Earth Day. As a Rider student, you are exposed to so many sustainability projects. From the Tri-Generation Plant to the organic garden, you can get involved and learn about what it takes to help save our planet. Open your eyes and ears and realize that the waste stream is getting bigger; climate change is occurring, and fossil fuels are being depleted. Even if you do not care about these issues, think about the future. Challenge yourself to do one green thing each day and make every day Earth Day.

-Steve Schwartz
Lawrenceville Eco-Rep

printed in the 4/16/14 edition

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