Green Corner: Eco-Reps give the ‘green’ light for an eco-friendly year

To both new and returning students, the Eco-Reps would like to personally welcome you back. Rider has been strongly dedicated to creating a better future and a more sustainable lifestyle on campus. A long-term goal was established to achieve carbon neutrality at Rider by 2050. To accomplish this goal, education and awareness of sustainability is spread by the Office of Sustainability and its Eco-Reps. This is done through events and programs that will occur throughout this school year on campus. You will most likely see Eco-Reps strolling around in bright green shirts: You can’t miss us.
Rider has already created many initiatives toward becoming a more sustainable campus, such as having food waste converted into fertilizer, installing a solar field and obtaining 35% of our energy from renewable resources. On campus there are many opportunities for students to take part in this initiative. Print stations on campus are set to print double-sided and use soy ink toner. Elkay units, which serve as a filtered water fountain and a water bottle refill station, are seen in academic buildings to promote the use of reusable water bottles.
Three environmental impacts students make while staying in their dorm rooms are energy use, water use and waste. Remember to turn off all lights, power down electronics and unplug chargers when not in use. Try to take shorter showers and do not let the water run continuously while shaving or brushing your teeth. Last, but not least, always try to separate and recycle your trash. For those students living on campus, each residence hall has a trash room with three types of trash cans: one for paper/cardboard; one for all types of plastics (1-7), glass and aluminum; and a third for everything else. Also, Techno Trash bins are located in every residence hall. Electronic waste such as ink cartridges, CDs, DVDs, cell phones, flash drives, power cords and chargers are accepted in these containers.
A new program has been brought onto campus, the TerraCycle Beauty Brigade, which is headquartered in Trenton. This organization began by producing organic fertilizer known as “worm poop,” but is now also focusing on recycling waste into various products to be sold. TerraCycle is widely known as a leader in the collection and reuse of non-recyclable, post-consumer waste. Beauty Brigade bins are located in most residence hall bathrooms on campus. In these bins, empty health and beauty product containers are collected. Items that can be placed into these bins are empty lipstick or mascara tubes, lotion bottles or jars, shampoo and conditioner bottles, shaving foam tubes, body wash containers, etc. All items that can be collected are listed on the bins.
To get involved and to stay up-to-date with the Eco-Reps, check out our Facebook page, Rider Lawrenceville Eco-Reps, or follow us on Twitter at   @BroncsGoGreen.
-Katelyn White
Lawrenceville Eco-Rep

Printed in the 9/18/13 edition.

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