Green Corner: Eco-friendly options in the form of bamboo

Have you ever thought about bamboo as being a college necessity like ramen noodles? Well, it actually could be, and it is starting to become more and more prevalent all around the world.

Bamboo provides different products for more than 2.2 billion people. The average person would never recognize the things that can be produced from bamboo. One very innovative use is iPod speakers. How many speakers have you seen in dorm rooms that are heavy and clunky or just don’t do a good job amplifying the sound? Bamboo speakers look like bamboo wood, and they naturally amplify the sound. It is a perfect solution instead of using something that is unnatural, made of non-renewable resources, crowds up landfills and never biodegrades. Bamboo leaves a very tiny carbon footprint.

Other bamboo uses in technology are watches and computer cases. It can also be made into many different types of instruments, which is ideal for future music educators to look into.

Did you know your entire outfit, complete with shoes and jewelry, could be made out of bamboo too? Bamboo can be made into a very soft cotton-like material. It can be formed into many different colors and shapes, as well as being used in its soft form or maintaining its hard structure to make shoe bottoms. Some people swear by bamboo socks for softness, comfort and durability. Bamboo can be dyed and stained to make wonderful jewelry pieces too. Also, when you crawl into bed at night, you can have the twin XL sheets be bamboo as well. It will be one of the most comfortable sets of bed sheets you have ever slept in. With the stress that goes on in school, it can ensure you a comfortable night’s sleep.


Another imaginative thing that bamboo is used for is the making of items for infants. This includes cloth diapers, which maintain their antibacterial quality for more than 50 washes, baby wipes and ointment. Bathroom tissue can be useful for the whole family. Using bamboo toilet tissue helps prevent deforestation. It is stronger, softer and biodegrades faster than traditional toilet paper, which reduces paper consumption.

But, what is bamboo? Bamboo is classified as part of the true grass family. It is the tallest and fastest growing plant in the world and can grow up to three or four feet per day. If it is cut down, it will not harm the environment because it will sprout back up again faster than we realize. It is also an evergreen and has production possibilities all-year-round.

It is a living thing as all plants are, and when it breathes, it releases more oxygen than any other type of plant. The list of bamboo’s uses can go on and on. Bamboo is the world’s next big eco-improvement that we can use. Now it is just a matter of getting consumers to buy this naturally growing material. Changing your consumption habits to bamboo-made rather than your regular household items can make a huge difference. So next time you go to the store, check and see if the bamboo version of what you’re looking for is available or try ordering online. It’s all out there — now go out and find it.


-Gianna Panullo, WCC Eco-Rep

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