Green Corner: Earth Hour event promotes needed discussion, unity

When our minds are overwhelmed by stress or negativity, we are told to let it out. This advice is given to people with depression, people who are paranoid and people who just feel a bit sad or confused. And in the current political and social landscapes, this same mindset applies when looking at environmental issues.

From pipelines popping up across the nation to the potential termination of the Environmental Protection Agency, there are many looming setbacks to sustainability that may make even the part-time environmentalist a little anxious or afraid. Discussion about issues of climate change are often politicized and many may feel uncomfortable bringing up their concerns for the planet.

On March 22, the Lawrenceville Eco Reps are taking steps to create a space where this fear does not exist. At 9 p.m. at the fire pit outside of Cranberry’s, we’ll be hosting the Earth Hour “Climate Talks” event that will provide a safe space for anyone to discuss issues of climate change, and their fears for environmental setbacks and hopes for progress.

This event is the early celebration of Earth Hour, an event in which all people across the world are encouraged to turn off all electronics for one hour, all at the same time. This year, Earth Hour’s official date and time is March 25 at 8:30 p.m.

The official Earth Hour Report from 2016 reports that last year, 178 countries participated and over 12,700 international landmarks turned off their lights. In addition, 2,427,929 different actions were taken globally to commemorate Earth Hour. This much activism not only lowers global energy consumption, but it also demonstrates widespread solidarity when tackling environmental issues.

That is the goal of the Earth Hour “Climate Talks” at Rider, as well as the goal we should all continually set for the future. We need to build unity as we get ready to fight harder than we ever have before to preserve our environment and its resources so that future generations have a livable planet to enjoy.

Whether it means coming to our “Climate Talks,” participating in Earth Hour or both, it is important that we take these actions and try to make a change. After all, no one person or political administration can fight the strength of a nation unified in doing the right thing for our planet and ourselves.  

For more information about the global event of Earth Hour,  

—Samantha Sawh

Lawrenceville Eco Rep


Printed in the 3/22/17 issue.

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