Green Corner: Dreaming of a green Halloween

Looking for a last-minute costume idea or can’t figure out what to do for Halloween? There are so many fun and exciting ideas and activities that people of all ages can do. Before you start going to stores looking for a costume or cool decorations, keep in mind that Halloween is one of the biggest celebrated events of the year. According to, Americans love this holiday so much we spend about $8 billion a year on it.

Celebrating any holiday with friends and family is always special, but what can make it even better is making the special day a green one. It’s easy to do and can be free. Going green on Halloween is something that will definitely become a trend as more people realize there are creative ways to be environmentally conscious as they celebrate this spooky day.

People love to celebrate national holidays with a party. Instead of buying individually wrapped candy, you can use more earth-friendly practices, such as having organic treats that can be purchased from places such as Trader Joe’s, Walmart and Target.

Decorating your dorm or house can be a major task. Don’t waste money on fancy decorations — use toilet paper and newspaper to create a mummy effect, and you will be cutting down on the materials and money spent.

Walking outside at night can be difficult without a little bit of light. By coming out to our various events such as Campus Sustainability Day, Earth Day and Residence Hall programs, you can grab yourself a Broncs Go Green solar keychain flashlight to use in the dark. Using the flashlights will ensure that you can see but you’ll never have to worry about the batteries dying. Battery acid is toxic as it can reach groundwater and cause serious environmental contamination. Dead batteries should be treated as hazardous waste and disposed of properly.

Most people spend an ample amount of time creating their costume, as this is arguably the most important part of celebrating Halloween. Take an eco-friendly approach by making a new costume out of your old clothes. You can find inspiration from dance costumes if you were a dancer. Shop at a thrift store or a consignment shop or swap costumes with friends. This will also ensure that no one else will be wearing your costume. It will cost less and be environmentally friendly.

Halloween can be wasteful, as most holidays tend to be. Instead of using a plastic bag to collect your goodies, use a reusable bag that can be purchased for as little as $0.99 in a variety of stores. Being mindful of small changes enables you to help the environment and also brings out your creative side whether you are hosting a party, going to a party or taking someone trick-or-treating.

Sharlis Thompson

LAW Eco-Rep

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